You’ve finally decided to strap on those skates and get out on the track, bumpin’ hips with the best of them, the wind flowing through your helmet. Now if only you had the perfect name to go along with those sick, new bruises. Deciding on a name for derby can be a difficult endeavor, plagued with uncertainty and endless puns. The list of potential names you’ve collected may seem overwhelming, but here are some points to consider to help make that list a tad more manageable. [Read On!]

Business In the Front Party In the Back
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The Fountain City Roller Derby training session teaches proper skating and roller derby techniques, but the best way to get a head start and to improve quickly is to get comfortable on wheels! There are many skating rinks throughout the Kansas City metro area. Check out the list!

Derby Stance: The basic body position that provides stability, speed, agility and power when playing roller derby. Balance is crucial in roller derby! Bending your knees, tightening your core and keeping your head up are keys to balancing in derby stance. [Read On!]

You want to skate but the rinks are not open or you don’t want to dodge kids. Or maybe the weather is nice and you want to take advantage. Skating outdoors is a great way to work on your skills! To help ya out, we’ve compiled a list of outdoor skating spots around Kansas City. Check out the list!