Zombie League

Longtime fans who have followed the league throughout the years will remember its beginnings as Dead Girl Derby, when green and black raced one another. Fountain City Roller Derby honors its origins through the Zombie/Rec League, teams made up of skaters of all skill levels. FCRD’s newest skaters are showcased here as they learn the ropes and strengthen their skills by skating alongside fan favorite veteran skaters.

Zero Cool - Captain

Amelia Scarehart

Dir-T Disaster

Gore-ticia Addams

Honey Badger

Killinary D-Lite

Mimi Lestrange

Roller Penny

Roxy Lawless


Sass E Squatch

Scrappy Gilmore

Syd Vicious


One Hit Thunder - Head Coach

Fountain City Roller Derby Kansas City

Bitter Sweets - Head Coach

Slithery Snake - Asst. Coach

Fountain City Roller Derby Kansas City

Jalapeño Business - Asst. Coach