Deadly Sirens

Deadly Sirens Fountain City Roller Derby

Hello there. Welcome, and feast your eyes upon the Deadly Sirens, a cheeky and strong group of ladies with a little song in their hearts and glint of murder in their eyes. They play smarter, not harder, and use each other’s strengths to reach their goals. Their plucky attitudes pump up the crowds, and their brazen claim of the entire blue color spectrum keeps people on their toes (& expands their merch base…)

#KillKillKill #DervishApproved #SASFRTT


Disco Biscuit ★ Captain
Lili St. Slayer ★ Co-Captain



Chunk D
Chunk D ★ Head Coach
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins ★ Asst Coach
Coach Payne
Coach Payne ★ Asst Coach
Ewing Untouchables Roller Derby
Ewing ★ Asst Coach
Slithery Snake Untouchables
Parker ★ Asst Coach
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