Fountain City Roller Derby (FCRD), formerly Dead Girl Derby, is in its 10th season of bringing its own brand of roller derby to the Kansas City community. FCRD started with just three skaters, and by the second season, it had grown to support four house teams. The league is among the largest roller derby leagues in the country and its teams and players compete in three different rule sets: MADE (three-time national champions), USARS (two-time 2nd place national champions), and WFTDA. Currently, the league has more 100 league members of all genders and backgrounds ranging in age from 18 to 54 which comprise the four women’s teams and four all-gender teams.

FCRD’s competitive, all-woman intraleague play features four teams. These women pass rigorous skills assessments to earn the right to help their teams bring home the championship trophy at the end of the season. These teams are:
Shotgun Sheilas Womens Roller Derby
2018 Champs!

Fountain City’s competitive all-gender division is intraleague action for skaters of all genders. Skaters dole out hard hits and fast-paced action to reign supreme every season. These teams are:

Usual Suspects Fountain City Roller Derby
2018 Champs!
Longtime fans who have followed the league throughout the years will remember its beginnings as Dead Girl Derby, when green and black raced one another. Fountain City honors its origins through the Zombie/Rec League, teams made up of skaters of all skill levels. FCRD’s newest skaters are showcased here as they learn the ropes and strengthen their skills by skating alongside fan favorite veteran skaters. These mash-up teams are: