Now recruiting for 2021!

Skaters • referees • volunteers

Must be 18 years +
No experience required
All genders welcome


1. ATTEND THESE important dates

Check out the dates below! Due to COVID-19, our recruitment process looks a little different than in previous years. We are dedicated to the safety of all of our skaters, volunteers, fans, and future members. These are free events and there is no obligation to sign up for roller derby at this time.

Join us for an informational meeting/recruitment fair. This is a free, open event. There is no obligation to sign up for roller derby at this time.


You want to skate but the rinks are not open. Or maybe the weather is nice and you want to take advantage. Skating outdoors is a great way to work on your skills! To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of outdoor skating spots around Kansas City. These include skate parks and outdoor skating rinks. Please practice social distancing and wear proper safety gear while skating!  Check out the list!

Get more insight into roller derby by reading about roller derby! Here are a few posts from our blog to get you started. There are tons of roller derby blogs and Facebook groups out there if you can’t get enough here!

You’ve been to the recruitment meeting. You’ve convinced your significant other/family/friends that you really aren’t joking and you are serious about giving this “derby thing” a try.  So what should you focus on besides not trying to fall down? READ MORE…

Usual Supsects and Public Enemies of Fountain City Roller Derby
Photo by Zaftig Unicorn Photography
When coming to your first practice you will only need a few things in your toolkit. As time goes on you may want to add to your toolkit. We have compiled a list of items found in many vets bags. READ MORE…
You’ve made the decision. You want to play roller derby! Here are a few things to consider in order to be ready for the Fountain City Roller Derby training camp. READ MORE…
Fountain City Roller Derby Kansas City
Photo by KC Derby Digest

Get more familiar with roller derby by watching roller derby. Check out our YouTube channel! Most of our games are posted there. YouTube is a great resource for roller derby skills videos and skate maintenance videos.

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